Eel Festival approaching, domestic live eel market

May is coming to an end, and there are only two months to go before this summer’s ugly eel Festival. As in previous years, the import volume of live eel produced in Chinese Mainland and Taiwan in the Japanese market after the golden week fell compared with that before. Affected by factors such as poor weather conditions after the festival, weak consumption, and the rest of pushao shop, the sales of imported live eels in the Japanese market have been relatively quiet recently. In this regard, people from the trade agency said that last week, the Japanese market imported 80-100 tons of live eels from Chinese Mainland and 24 tons of live eels from Taiwan. The price has not fluctuated since the price rise on the 17th of last month, and the market is strong.
Since the beginning of this year, eel enterprises have made constant moves in the layout of the domestic market, starting from the mainstream sales channels such as e-commerce, new retail, supermarket, central kitchen and catering, signed the strategic cooperation agreement with the domestic group meal brand jianliyuan, and reached in-depth cooperation with Sanquan food, Shanghai qianma and YIHAI KERRY, constantly expanding downstream channels and achieving remarkable results.In addition to the retail end, the catering industry is another way to enter the domestic market.
In addition, in terms of domestic demand, affected by the closure and control of the epidemic in Shanghai, the domestic sales of domestic live eels have been hindered to a certain extent, and the prices have also declined. However, as the epidemic situation in Shanghai continues to improve, shopping malls and department stores will fully resume offline business on June 1, and all walks of life will also resume work one after another. It is expected that the domestic demand for domestic live eels will pick up after the lifting of Shanghai’s closure control.

Post time: Jun-07-2022