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  • Japanese style braised eel with sauce

    Japanese style braised eel with sauce

    Roasted eel is a kind of high-grade nutritious food. Especially in Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia and Hong Kong, many people often eat roasted eel. In particular, Koreans and Japanese pay more attention to eel for body tonic in summer, and regard eel as one of the best foods for male tonic. Most Japanese eels are mainly seasoned and roasted eels. The annual consumption of roasted eels is as high as 100000 ~ 120000 tons. It is said that about 80% of eels are consumed in summer, especially during the eel eating festival in July. Nowadays, many people in China also begin to taste roasted eels.Eel meat is sweet and flat. It is not a hot and dry food. Therefore, eating more nutritious eel in hot summer days can nourish the body, relieve heat and fatigue, prevent weight loss in summer, and achieve the purpose of nourishing and fitness. No wonder the Japanese like eel as a summer tonic. Domestic products are in short supply, and they have to import a lot from China and other places every year.

  • roasted eel for sushi or Japanese cuisines

    roasted eel for sushi or Japanese cuisines

    “Pu Shao” refers to the practice of cutting the fish in half, stringing them on the sticks for barbecue, brushing and soaking the sauce at the same time to make them taste better. If it is a barbecue without sauce, it is called “white roast”.
    In theory, Pu Shao does not limit the variety of fish, but in fact, from the very beginning, this method was almost exclusively used for eel conditioning. At most, it was only used for eel like fish such as star eel, wolf tooth eel and loach.

  • Grilled eel with fresh charcoal

    Grilled eel with fresh charcoal

    This kind of roasted eel adopts the eel meat with head, bone and viscera removed, with the above condiments, and is roasted and processed into a good product with unique flavor with modern equipment and technology. The processed roasted eel can also be quickly frozen with the most advanced quick freezing technology to maintain the original color and taste, and the eating method is more convenient. The vacuum packed roasted eel can be directly placed in the original bag in boiling water without any seasoning. After boiling for 2 ~ 3 minutes, it can be taken out and eaten. After thawing, put the roasted eel in a dish and steam it with water or fry it with light wine. If the roasted eel pieces are heated in the microwave oven, it only takes 1 minute for the flavor to overflow. Then they can be taken out and eaten. They often leave a deep impression after eating.

  • Braised eel in cattail, fresh, heated and ready to eat

    Braised eel in cattail, fresh, heated and ready to eat

    Our eel raw material is eel grown in the cold water area of Jiangxi, China.This product is made by fresh water eel.with soysauce. vacuum bag for each fish. sweet and with good eel smell. It’s a very important material in sushi and Japanese cuisines. Its size is bigger than that of eels in northern China, but its meat is compact, delicious and sweet, without the fishy smell of ordinary eels.

  • Eel liver fish maw with fish glue

    Eel liver fish maw with fish glue

    Pu Shao eel liver skewer is derived from the essence of eel viscera and contains rich nutritional value. In order to facilitate eating, the eel belly is strung with bamboo sticks and baked with a special sauce. The taste is pure and delicious. Eel tripe with sweet taste is a top-grade food to supplement energy. The unique eel juice roasts eel liver. The full fish liver is drenched with eel juice. A few more scallions perfectly interpret the taste of a delicious food. Eel liver soup is made with eel liver as the main ingredient and the bottom soup. It has a unique smoky taste.The sweet eel liver is slightly burnt by roasting. It tastes very delicious when used in rice dressing. The fragrant eel juice drizzles on the rice and the delicate eel meat. It tastes super layered!

  • japanese frozen seafood kabayaki frozen roasted unagi eel

    japanese frozen seafood kabayaki frozen roasted unagi eel

    Live eels of good quality are selected from the market and slaughtered. If they are not cooked immediately, they can be placed in the refrigerator for refrigeration; If long-term storage is required, the fish can be wrapped in a plastic bag and stored in frozen pants after being cleaned. In addition, it is better to buy commercially available braised eel with delicious taste, fine meat texture, and slightly undulating and elastic skin. In case of micro vacuum packaging, pay attention to whether there is vacuum defect.

  • Japanese style braised eel cooked

    Japanese style braised eel cooked

    Eel meat is fluffy and soft. Through a series of processing and production, eel is made into roasted eel. Roast eel is to blend the special soy sauce sauce into the fluffy and soft eel meat to roast delicious eel. The roasted eel is bright in color. Eel meat is soft, waxy and firm.After 4 times of pushao, the eel tastes good, sticky and plump. The roasted eel is scorched outside and tender inside. It has a strong eel flavor without mud smell. Moreover, it has few flesh prickles, and children can eat it at ease. Roasted eel is roasted in whole, which can lock the freshness of eel. Roast eel slowly, and the texture of eel meat is clearly visible. Both sides of the roasted eel are slightly bulging and full of elasticity, reflecting that it is roasted by real live eels.