Eel liver fish maw with fish glue

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Pu Shao eel liver skewer is derived from the essence of eel viscera and contains rich nutritional value. In order to facilitate eating, the eel belly is strung with bamboo sticks and baked with a special sauce. The taste is pure and delicious. Eel tripe with sweet taste is a top-grade food to supplement energy. The unique eel juice roasts eel liver. The full fish liver is drenched with eel juice. A few more scallions perfectly interpret the taste of a delicious food. Eel liver soup is made with eel liver as the main ingredient and the bottom soup. It has a unique smoky taste.The sweet eel liver is slightly burnt by roasting. It tastes very delicious when used in rice dressing. The fragrant eel juice drizzles on the rice and the delicate eel meat. It tastes super layered!

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Eel viscera add a richer taste and taste. Fish intestines and swim bladders contain collagen and stretch and toughen muscle channels; Eel gall is slightly bitter; Eel liver is soft and fragrant. Eel liver is rich in vitamin A, which is a good food for the night blind. The nutritional value of eel is not inferior to that of other fish and meat. Eel meat is rich in high-quality protein and various essential amino acids. Eel calcium is a natural biological calcium, which is safe and easy to absorb. Specially added Isomaltooligosaccharide, it has an excellent enhancement effect on Bifidobacterium, a beneficial bacterium in human intestines, and can regulate gastrointestinal function.Eel has a very high nutritional value, so it is called the soft gold in the water. It has been regarded as a good tonic and beauty product in China and many parts of the world since ancient times.Eating more eel can not only obtain sufficient nutrition, but also eliminate fatigue, strengthen the body, nourish the face, and maintain youth. In particular, it has a good effect on protecting the eyes and moisturizing the skin.


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