Grilled eel with fresh charcoal

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This kind of roasted eel adopts the eel meat with head, bone and viscera removed, with the above condiments, and is roasted and processed into a good product with unique flavor with modern equipment and technology. The processed roasted eel can also be quickly frozen with the most advanced quick freezing technology to maintain the original color and taste, and the eating method is more convenient. The vacuum packed roasted eel can be directly placed in the original bag in boiling water without any seasoning. After boiling for 2 ~ 3 minutes, it can be taken out and eaten. After thawing, put the roasted eel in a dish and steam it with water or fry it with light wine. If the roasted eel pieces are heated in the microwave oven, it only takes 1 minute for the flavor to overflow. Then they can be taken out and eaten. They often leave a deep impression after eating.

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Eel is not only tender in meat, delicious in taste, but also rich in nutrition. Its fresh fish meat contains 18.6% protein, which is as high as 63% after being processed into roasted eel. It is also rich in fat, carbohydrates, various vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, iron, selenium and other nutrients. Its nutritional value ranks among the best among fish. Moreover, eel meat is sweet and flat, and is not a hot and dry food. Therefore, eating more nutritious eel in hot summer days can nourish the body, relieve heat and fatigue, and not only prevent weight loss in summer, but also achieve the purpose of nourishing and fitness. No wonder the Japanese like eel as a summer tonic. Domestic products are in short supply, and they have to import a lot from China and other places every year.


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