Japanese style braised eel cooked

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Eel meat is fluffy and soft. Through a series of processing and production, eel is made into roasted eel. Roast eel is to blend the special soy sauce sauce into the fluffy and soft eel meat to roast delicious eel. The roasted eel is bright in color. Eel meat is soft, waxy and firm.After 4 times of pushao, the eel tastes good, sticky and plump. The roasted eel is scorched outside and tender inside. It has a strong eel flavor without mud smell. Moreover, it has few flesh prickles, and children can eat it at ease. Roasted eel is roasted in whole, which can lock the freshness of eel. Roast eel slowly, and the texture of eel meat is clearly visible. Both sides of the roasted eel are slightly bulging and full of elasticity, reflecting that it is roasted by real live eels.

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Eel has a very high nutritional value, so it is called the soft gold in the water. It has been regarded as a good tonic and beauty product in China and many parts of the world since ancient times. In winter, we often eat delicious eel roasted rice to drive away the cold and keep full of energy.
1. Eel is rich in a variety of nutrients. It has the effects of tonifying deficiency and nourishing blood, removing dampness, and fighting tuberculosis. It is a good nutrient for patients with long-term illness, weakness, anemia, tuberculosis, etc;

2. Eel contains a very rare xiheluoke protein, which has a good effect of strengthening the kidney. It is a health food for young couples, middle-aged and elderly people;

3. Eel is an aquatic product rich in calcium. Regular consumption can increase the blood calcium value and make the body strong;

4. Eel liver is rich in vitamin A, which is a good food for the night blind.products

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