Sliced sushi eel Japanese style roast eel

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Eel slices are made from high-quality fresh eel with advanced processing technology. Eel slices can be used as sushi or as wine and vegetables. Mix the rice balls and grab the balls. Put the prepared eel slices on them. Cut more laver and tie them. Pour in your favorite eel sauce. A delicious sushi can be served. The delicious eel meat is delicate and rich. With rich sauce, you can’t help biting your lips and teeth to stay fragrant. The aftertaste is endless!
Slices belong to cooked products, which can be thawed and heated for instant eating, and can be made into eel rice. After heating in the microwave oven for five minutes, you can experience the delicious, juicy and plump eel. If you bite it down, you will feel full of happiness!

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Eel is rich in vitamin A and vitamin E. rich in vitamin A and vitamin E, it is of great benefit to prevent visual deterioration, protect the liver and restore energy. Eels are also rich in good fats, and the phospholipids contained therein are indispensable nutrients for brain cells. In addition, eels also contain DHA and EPA, commonly known as brain gold, which are higher than other seafood meat. DHA and EPA have been proved to play an important role in preventing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, strengthening brain and intelligence, and protecting optic nerve cells. In addition, eel also contains a large amount of calcium, which has a certain effect on preventing osteoporosis. The most exciting thing for women is that the skin and meat of eels are rich in collagen, which can beautify and delay aging, so they are called women’s beauty salons. What appeals to children most is that the skin and meat of eels are rich in calcium. Regular consumption can enhance their physique, so they are called children’s nutrition bank.

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