Japanese style braised eel with sauce

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Roasted eel is a kind of high-grade nutritious food. Especially in Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia and Hong Kong, many people often eat roasted eel. In particular, Koreans and Japanese pay more attention to eel for body tonic in summer, and regard eel as one of the best foods for male tonic. Most Japanese eels are mainly seasoned and roasted eels. The annual consumption of roasted eels is as high as 100000 ~ 120000 tons. It is said that about 80% of eels are consumed in summer, especially during the eel eating festival in July. Nowadays, many people in China also begin to taste roasted eels.Eel meat is sweet and flat. It is not a hot and dry food. Therefore, eating more nutritious eel in hot summer days can nourish the body, relieve heat and fatigue, prevent weight loss in summer, and achieve the purpose of nourishing and fitness. No wonder the Japanese like eel as a summer tonic. Domestic products are in short supply, and they have to import a lot from China and other places every year.

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In addition to nourishing and strengthening the body and relieving summer heat and tiredness, eating eel also has a variety of effects, such as tonifying deficiency, strengthening yang, expelling wind, brightening the eyes, and eating more eel can also prevent cancer. Experts from Japan and South Korea pointed out that when vitamin A is insufficient, the incidence of cancer will increase. Compared with other foods, eel has a particularly high vitamin a content. Vitamin A can maintain normal vision in development and cure night blindness; It can maintain the normal shape and function of epithelial tissue, lubricate the skin and develop bones. In addition, vitamin E contained in eel can maintain normal sexual function and physiological coordination of hormones, and enhance physical strength in old age. Therefore, eating eel can not only obtain sufficient nutrition, but also eliminate fatigue, strengthen the body, nourish the face, and maintain youth, especially for protecting the eyes and moisturizing the skin.


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