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Raw eel slices are slices of fresh eel. Delicious fish fillets, slightly bulging on both sides, bow shaped and elastic. The secret sauce, which has been improved for many times, only needs to be heated for a few minutes, so you can easily enjoy the authentic Japanese style Pu Shao flavor. Moreover, the raw eel slices have few thorns and no fishy smell, and the fish and meat in the sauce mix to produce a delicious taste. Select high-quality fresh eel and adopt advanced production technology. It is the best choice for sushi. The delicious eel meat is delicate and rich. With rich sauce, you can’t help biting your lips and teeth and lingering fragrance. The aftertaste is endless.It can be roasted slowly, creating a delicious freshly roasted eel fillet. It is chewy, moderate in taste and full in meat. The taste is flexible and chewy, emitting a unique aroma, which makes people eat it.

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Fresh eel slices are a must for hot pot. Water chestnuts and eels make soup together, which has the effects of nourishing the liver, clearing away heat, detoxifying and beautifying the eyes. Chinese yam and eel can be eaten together, which can replenish the middle Qi, warm the kidney and stop diarrhea. It has a particularly good effect on Wugeng diarrhea caused by kidney deficiency. Raw eel slices have high nutritional value. They are rich in protein, and they are soft and easy to chew and digest. It is also rich in vitamins and trace minerals. The fat content is low, but it contains many fatty acids such as DHA. It can be called a good food with rich nutrition and easy absorption. Japanese cuisine is most famous for sashimi, which can be regarded as a representative of Japanese cuisine. Sashimi is written as “sashimi” in Japanese, and sashimi is the Chinese name for it.

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