Sliced instant roasted eel rice

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Eel refers to the general name of species belonging to the order Anguilla. Also known as eel, it is a kind of fish that looks like a long snake and has the basic characteristics of fish. In addition, eels have migratory characteristics similar to salmon. Eel is a kind of fish, which looks like a snake, but has no scales. It is generally produced in the sea area at the junction of salt and fresh water. Eel slices can be used to make sushi. Holding sushi eel rice in hand and using the secret eel juice, it seems that it has a better sense of appetite. Each process is better presented. The sliced eel is scorched outside and tender inside. You can enjoy it to your heart’s content.

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Eel is a kind of common seafood with good nutritional effect. It is rich in fat that can promote human digestion and lecithin. It is an indispensable nutrient for brain cells.Eel contains balanced protein and minerals, which have good skin care and beauty effects. Moreover, the lipid contained in eel is a high-quality fat to clean blood, which can reduce blood lipids and prevent arteriosclerosis. Eel is rich in vitamin A and vitamin E, which are 60 times and 9 times higher than that of common fish respectively. Vitamin A is 100 times of beef and 300 times of pork. Rich in vitamin A and vitamin E, it is of great benefit to prevent visual deterioration, protect the liver and restore energy. Other vitamins such as vitamin B1 and vitamin B2 are also abundant. Eel meat is rich in high-quality protein and various essential amino acids. The phospholipids contained therein are indispensable nutrients for brain cells. Eel has the effects of tonifying deficiency and nourishing blood, eliminating dampness, and fighting tuberculosis. It is a good nutrient for patients with chronic illness, weakness, anemia, tuberculosis, etc.


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